Welcome to my blog

I am a writer. I write Children’s stories. My first being ‘The Night the Llama Saved Christmas’- a seasonal tale, as you might imagine, following the exploits of a team of replacements that seek to save Christmas when the Reindeer fall foul of the common cold. 

The book is currently available on http://www.amazon.co.uk/com/…etc.

My second book is currently doing the rounds with agents and is entitled ‘Arthur and the Lonely Astronaut’- a science fiction story about a young boy who, after being sent to bed without any supper, falls asleep, only to awaken, floating through space. He enjoys many adventures, including asteroids, the Moon and even meets a space lizard named Jim. 

If you are in fact an agent or even a publisher, feel free to contact me at your convenience. 

Imagery for the books can be found on this site, with the artwork for ‘Arthur’ being supplied by an immensely talented lady named Rosie Walters http://www.rosie-walters.com

From time to time I shall update this site with thoughts, queries, occasionally answers and once in a blue moon, a short story or two. 

The first chapter for ‘The Night the Llama Saved Christmas’ will be posted soon, for your teasing pleasure. Remember, Christmas is but a stones throw away and a new tale is very welcome on those Wintery days.


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