Awakened by The Kraken

This morning the Kraken awoke with a terrifying, blood curdling scream that for all intense and purpose shook me to the very core. The call echoed throughout the apartment, down the hallways and rattled around my bedroom, finally resting firmly inside my middle ear. My eyes flew open, as did my bladder. Within moments I was bolt upright and standing, staring with no mild alarm around the room, finally resting upon the creature that had risen from the depths of my dreams. It sat there, plain as day, with a surprised expression which must have asked “Why, whatever is wrong?”, which soon vanished.

As my heart diminished it’s pounding and settled into a more relaxed beat, I surveyed the damp feeling that resided in my crotch. Glancing back across the bed, I watched as the Kraken slowly, but with dedication  licked his paws and rear end. Not even a glance in my direction. Not even a glimmer of apology, simple apathy only. What can one say, do? I bent down, stroked the Terror and ventured into the kitchen to pour it breakfast.


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