Just because

The aftermath of the previous night’s storm swelled around the small park in front of the apartment.
As I crossed the road a fleck of something whisked into the air and firmly wedged itself in my right eye. 
I stopped where I was to fish it out.
Then, as a blur skirted my vision, I heard footsteps increasing to a sprint. 
Watery blinks now streamed down my cheeks.
A screech and a call rang out, followed swiftly by a thudding to the ground.
Just because of this and a dozen other events, I found himself flat on the cement pavement with a lovely looking lady straddling my chest.
A few frantic blinks followed. When my eyesight cleared she remained, as much flustered as I was confused. We stared at each other,even as a crowed swelled around us and people asked after our health.
Normal people meet there wives or husbands in the pub or on holiday, I met your mother in a crumpled heap in a gutter. Who says romance is dead. 


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