It was late in the evening, his wife had retired some hours earlier and he’d been up, pondering his data. Prisila- a cross bred, three-legged Labrador, slept at his feet, snoring and from time to time letting loose a noxious gas. Even between squints and gasps for breath, he’d barely shaken his mind from the theory. The thought stayed firmly entrenched in his frontal lobe and danced around from memory to realisation. That was it! That had to be it! He’d ransacked his library for months, trawled website after website and read journals from around the world- be they scientific or crack-pot. There was simply no other answer he could accept.

Shy of bathroom breaks and the enforced meals his wife thrust upon him, he’d barely moved from the study in weeks. Something in him told him he was near the breakthrough and now there he was, 02:32am, staring at thin air, because as it turned out it made little difference where he was, it was always around, it was there, it existed in tandem with life. It was life.

Through the years of snide comments and backhanded remarks, she’d stayed true to him and it was she that had to be told first. He pulled himself from his stupor and ran to the bedroom, disturbing Prisila as he went. His thundering steps began to rouse her before he reached the room and with a forceful but necessary shake, he told her.     


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