Day One


On Harry's first day he was met at reception 
by Geoff- a burly fella, dressed in a dark 
suit, with a swint eye and a slight wobble to his walk. 
"Hi, Harry, here bright and early I see, eager to start huh". Harry nodded, trying to 
disguise his utter contempt for his new 

As they strode down the hallway they passed 
cubicle upon cubicle dressed in beige with men and women to match. The florescent strip 
lighting gave off a grey glow that blanketed 
the room and seemed to rest on the shoulders 
of the employees. The desks flowed on and on 
farther than the eye could see and telephones rang off the hook, a ring that caused a pain 
just behind the right eye. 

They stopped in front of a particularly dull, dejected individual as Geoff beckoned Harry to take a seat. 
"Well, here we are. Get comfortable. This is 
Bernadette, she'll show you the ropes. Welcome to the team". Geoff staggered off, leaving 
Harry to stare at his new supervisor, a 
spectacularly ugly woman with a twitchy eye.

The telephone on his new desk sounded a 
monotonous call. Harry glanced at Bernadette  who nodded at him to answer the phone. 

"Hello...Council Tax" he said with a sharp 
sting in his head.

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