The Petulant Giant


Sitting atop his mountain, the Giant smiled. 
He casually watched as the little people 
travelled by mule and cart, carrying crops to market and laughing together. The Sun was high in the sky and the wind lazily swept over the fields, barely bothering the remaining wheat. 

Chicks chirruped in their mothers nest as she brought worm after worm to fill their ever 
needing bellies. Dogs barked without malice as children threw sticks and ducks flew 
overhead. The Giant yawned and stretched his 
arms wide, almost knocking a bird out of the 
sky, who did well to avoid the mammoth 

He had little to do this day, as Sunday is 
invariably a rest day for Giants of all 
denomination and despite his current lack of 
employment, it seemed foolhardy to depart from convention. His legs dangled over the edge of the mountain and as they smacked together they caused small rock slides to descend the 
mountain sides- small to him that is.

Goats and sheep bleated in annoyance as they 
jumped left and right to avoid the boulders, 
but the Giant failed to notice or care. He was far too occupied with his Sun tanning. 
Moments later a shadow cast across his face.

Opening his eyes the Giant saw a cloud of 
black wings fluttering above. 

"What do you want, you stupid birds?!" 
He boomed, frustrated at being disturbed from his doze.

Just then it started to rain, little white and black blobs.

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