Today’s the day

Gerald had been tinkering in his garden shed 
for months, but today would be the day. 
Today would be the day that all the guys down the local spat out their drinks. It would be 
the day that his father in law choked on his 
jibes and Jerry with a J next door put an end to his constant complaining. 

Today would also be the day that she would 
disappear from his life, forever. 

Gerald's wife was a nag. She was a nag and a 
bore and generally unlikeable. She'd been 
having an affair with Jerry for five years now and while at first it broke Gerald's heart, 
it eventually mended and he sought out a new 

Gerald retired to his shed night after night, weekend after weekend and with the noise from the hammer and saw could barely hear the 
sounds coming from the back bedroom. 
He'd spent every penny he could ferret from 
his wallet without his domineering wife 
noticing and today would be the day.

Using a jib and pulley, Gerald hauled his 
creation into the light of day and raised it 
full upright. Taking one final look around his garden, Gerald climbed inside and closed the circular door. Smoke puffed and puttered from the bottom of his rocket and as the blast 
scorched the grass, passers by would recall a scream of delight echoing from a first floor 

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