Were I not a savage


Were I not a savage with evil eyes,

Were I not a beast of sacrilegious lies,

Were I not the end of all thou hold dear,

Would thou not still in darkness fear.

For as I sit upon thy spire,

My intention towards thee dire,

For I intend as would my kin

To find solace and joy in thy din.

As thy kind resolve to live to full,

A life of meaning less dull,

My stature crouches high above,

And claims a view as of a dove.

Below I spy as of a creature so foul,

As to harken a cry as to a growl,

I spread of my limbs a span so great,

And reach far and flap as to elevate.

My body dives at speed so vast,

As to herald a vision of the past,

For as I leave to strike my prey,

Sunlight beckons and clay away.


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