Discount Wishes

WINNER of the Christmas Fastories Competiton!

Tracy wandered the Christmas aisles of 
Poundland, waiting for her boyfriend Dean to 
finish his shift.

She’d already passed the baby wipes, the 
discount lippy and the home pregnancy kits 
when her eyes lingered on a lamp.

It wasn’t the shape, the colour or even the 
fact that it was decidedly second hand 
looking, that struck her as odd. It was the 
fact that it was clearly not made in China. If she were to hazard a guess, she might say it was from somewhere in the Middle East.

She shrugged, popped the lamp in the basket 
along with a couple of packets of jellied 
sweets she’d picked up earlier and headed to 
the checkout.  

The line stretched to the back of the shop and a little around the corner. Men and women 
were grumbling, children were screaming and 
Tracy huffed. This was going to take some 

As she stood there, shuffling slowly forward, Tracy decided to have a closer look at the 
lamp. It had a worn, dirty, bronzed look, with a small handle and a long, twisted spout. Her hand slowly rubbed across the body of the 
lamp and it began to steam and smoke.

In a flash, a man stood in front of her - 
a tall man.

Tracy stood there, dumbfounded, amazed, not only because a cloudy man popped out of her 
crappy lamp, but also because no one else 
seemed to notice.

Bowing, he asked, “What is thy wish?”

Tracy thought for a moment then looked around the shop at the dozens of people in front of 
her, the frantic, rude children and then said, “I wish to be at the front of the queue."

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