A Whisper to Wake


I sat in the window and stared. I watched and hoped that inspiration would appear. My page flickered blankly at me.

I didn’t expect him.

Outside my window sat a wall and over the wall a garden and beyond that, more of the same. It’s easy to get lost in the mundane and without knowing it, take a trip.

My eyes began to glaze and my wandering stares sedated upon the dulled brick face before me and as the peripheral ebbed away, the auditory losses became apparent – never a bird heard or a dog barked.

I allowed my mind to empty, he began to arrive.

The brickwork began to shift and take shape – his eyes at first and then his mouth, his ears and then his brow. A nose protruded with angular ferocity and before long his legs thrust free. His mouth flexed and opened, revealing a cavern of gravel and granite. He smiled; a grin of purpose, unmistakable in its lure, unyielding in its desire and I watched.

Unable to shift my stare, uncaring in my fate, his hand stretched forth.

I felt the grip on my shoulder. I felt the pressure applied. I felt the shudder and the shake and quickly I shied.

A whisper is never sufficient. What it must make is a shout to awake.


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