Did you get the…


image courtesy of http://thecultofme.blogspot.co.uk/

“Did you throw in the Wolfsbane?”


“The Mother of Pearl?”


“What about the Jimsonweed?”


“Woah, OK”.

Keith Signed.

“You’re acting like you’ve never done this before”.

Geoff didn’t answer.

“You HAVE done this before…right?”

“Sure, sure…just not, you know, practically”.

“Ah Geoff, come one now”.

“It’ll be fine, I promise”.

The pair took another look around the tent. The walls were draped in black curtains; dyed in Geoff’s Mum’s washing machine, the red candles were smoking nicely, if possibly a little too much and the ram’s skull they’d nicked from that dodgy farmer over the field looked ace on the alter.

“Now what?” Keith asked.

“We wait”.

“I still don’t understand why we have to be in our skivvies”.

“It’s part of the ritual”.

“Ah ha”.

Standing there, Keith kept illuminating the screen on his Casio watch.

Geoff began to fidget and started straightening the tablecloth and banner with the star on it.

“Does this look OK to you?”

Keith rolled his eyes.

“I think there’s something off”.

Keith huffed and looked at the star.

“Seems OK to me, what do you thinks wrong?”

“I dunno, there’s just something, off”.

Keith wafted his hand to clear some smoke and squinted at the star.

“How’s it supposed to look?”

“Like a star, but inverted”.

“How do you invert a star?”

“I know, I just taped the down triangle a bit more and thought that’d do”.

“Where’d you get the instructions anyhow?”

“From Sid”.

“What? That twat from the Common!”

“He’s not a twat”.

“Course he is, he’s a mega twat. He’s the twat that all twats spring from”.

“OK, maybe he is a twat, but he’s summoned a demon before”.

“Sid? That guy couldn’t summon a fart. What made you believe him?”

“Have you seen his girlfriend? No way he got ‘er on charm”.

“Maybe he’s got a big todger?”


“Oh, it’s like that is it?”

“What? No, I just saw it in the showers that one time after P.E.”

“Small huh”.

“Like a tabbies”.

“Sheesh. Alright, so now what?”

“Dunno, but it’s gettin’ a bit smokey in ‘ere”.

“Aye. Maybe it’s best we get some fresh air. This demon chap can always find us outside. No need to ass-fix-iate”.

“Hah, no. You’re right”.

“Hang about, you hear that?”


“Sounds like laughing, outside”.

“You go first”.

“Fuck that! You go, it was your idea”.

“Fine, but if that demon has his way wi’ me, I’m givin’ ya a slap”.

The boys stepped out, Geoff first.

Silence and then the laughter started again, from all around. The pair held each other and shuddered.

A brown stain lined their undies.

“Look at the queers!”

Sid and his mates came out from behind the tree-line and damn near wet themselves.

“Twat” said Keith, under his breath.

“What d’you call me?”

A gust flew through the trees, the sky darkened and Geoff’s eyes shone red.

“He called you a…”


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