The Arrival

As of the 26th of August, my wife, Clarissa and I became proud parents.

This will come as news to some, not to others.

I say, proud, as she is already smiling when pooping and has fashioned the word ‘meh’ into her vocabulary. This is no surprise to us as she was a good two weeks late and as such is clearly quite the lackadaisical child.

Sleep is evading us most nights, as Alexandra Daphne seems to be much the night owl, but she’s eating well and the dogs, Priscila and Joca both like her. I say ‘like’; Joca sniffs her happily and Priscila tolerates her.

We have mastered the art of nappy changing and have so far avoided being vomited or pooped on.

Life changed substantially and while I am still the same person, I feel older; although Clarissa says I look younger. I don’t see it myself. Clarissa on the other hand is a ray of sunshine. She got prettier, if that were indeed possible.

I used to require inspiration for my writing, but now, all I need is to stare at Alex as she naps.

…I could do without the screaming at 3am though.


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