A dance, perchance.



Of all the parties in all the worlds, Geoff wanted to attend this one the most. The problem being, despite the cacophony of attendees at the castle, he was somewhat unwelcome. Something to do with a millennium of untoward dealings; but given the nature of the beings in attendance, Geoff had hoped for a more welcome welcome than a foot in the bottom and a slammed door in the face. As he sat, muddied and sullen, Geoff overheard a couple of guests arriving.

“Go on ahead, Deirdre, I just need to stable the horse”.

The voice belonged to a rather sharply dressed young man on or around Geoff’s height, roughly Geoff’s build and sporting an outfit that would disguise Geoff wickedly well. A tap on the shoulder and a garden gnome to the face went some way to alleviating the young man of consciousness and it took all of a few moments for Geoff to thoroughly disrobe.

As it happened a wandering minstrel came to pass, just as Geoff and the young man were mid-strip. The incident to be immortalized in verse at some later date, no doubt. Now, resplendent in his new garb, Geoff approached the castle once more. An enchantment over his face saw his distinctive horns and pointed beard hidden under blonde locks and boyish charm.

Upon entering, the ball was in full swing. Women of regal and common birth alike gossiped, gentlemen and enchanted creatures laughed, a multitude of ice sculptures dotted the tables and the chandeliers glistened in the candlelight. The band took great strides to cater to all requests, playing styles ranging from throughout the nine realms and some even further.

The buffet table heaved under the strain of the delights to be had, but all these wonders and joys paled when Geoff saw her. A damsel of such deliciousness as to rival the great beauties of antiquity. Her dress a glimmer of gold as unseen since Midas, her shoes as dainty as a Geisha and her hair as bright as the Moon in full. To mention her looks would be an insult as there were no words in Oxford or Cambridge to suffice. Their eyes locked and their feet took charge.

For the entire night the pair waltzed, Cha-Cha’ed, Swung, Jived and they even tried the bunny hop, although a snagged step saw a fitting to end that. The night, a delight…until a disturbance at the main door.

When a naked man; shy his briefs, demands entry and points in your direction, there are but a few options. Faces throughout the ballroom starred, demanding action. Luckily for Geoff, his feet still had steps remaining. A grab around the waist and a kiss planted firmly upon the lady’s lips saw Geoff hurdle an ice sculpture of a rearing steed, flip over a balcony and vault over a side gate; free and lost to the night. A howl of delicious joy could be heard in the distance, while a weep gently followed.


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